It can be hard when we are living busy lives to make healthy choices all the time but when you feel a snack attack coming on there are healthier bars we can choose from.

Here are some of my favourites bars including Bounce Balls, Nakd, Creative Nature, Rude Health, The Food Doctor, 9 Bars and Trek.

The main reason I carry some bars around with me is so that i have something healthier to hand if I have been rushing about and forgotten to eat and as I don’t want to have long gaps between meals I find having these bars in the car and my handbag really helps!

Shine Bright,

Ali xx

This week I’m chatting to Julianne Ponan who is the owner and CEO of Superfoods brand, Creative Nature. I find Juilanne such a huge inspiration because in 2012 she saw a sinking ship but took the company over at aged just 22 and within 18 months the company was back in profit. Not only did she raise the brand’s profile but they also launched new product lines – and all of this with only two members of staff!!

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