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      Q: I’m so tired since the  arrival of my baby and I’ve  heard you talk about the  benefits of a good diet. Can  you share some tips?

      You’ve spent the past nine  months looking after yourself  better than ever before. When  the baby arrives nearly all  new Mums tend to neglect  themselves as all the focus is  on this precious new bundle.  Your body has gone through  enormous changes and will continue to go through  changes in the weeks after  you give birth. It’s for this  reason that you need to eat well and look after yourself better than ever so that you remain healthy so you can cope with being a new Mum.

      If you’ve had a C-section or stitches vitamin C will help you heal. Citrus fruits and kiwis have loads of vitamin C. Vitamin C also aids the absorption of iron, which will help with energy levels. A bowl of porridge in the morning will set you up for the day. Oats are rich in iron, calcium and magnesium that are vital for your depleted mineral stores after labour. If you’re breastfeeding you’ll need lots of calcium for your baby’s bones and teeth and eating yogurts (or green leafy veg) is a quick and convenient way to get calcium.

      One thing a new Mum has very little of is time so you need to find foods that are convenient. I remember going through most days forgetting to eat until someone put food In front of me. This is something a family member can help with by preparing meals and helping with shopping in the early days.

      Eskimo3-cap-CMYK-RWH_3800I would recommend taking the ESKIMO- 3 Omega 3 with vitamin E supplement, which will help ward off the baby blues, and also a good Vitamin D supplement, which is crucial for healthy bones and teeth.

      eskimo_brain_caps vit dEskimo also do another one that contains Vitamin D so you can kill two birds with one stone!!


      You need to eat protein to help repair your cells. Snacking on nuts and seeds is an easy way to get some protein or eating lean meats like chicken. Scrambled egg on toast for a snack is also packed full of protein and energy and make all your bread wholegrain instead of white. If you’re having toilet trouble post birth eat and drink prunes. Prunes were my savior and I’m sure all you new Mums know what I mean!

      Top Tips:

      1: Make life easy and eat nourishing food that’s convenient. Take your Omegas and rest when you can.

      2: Tryptophan rich foods like bananas, turkey, spinach and eggs will help you sleep. Tryptophan is an amino acid that produces calming hormones that slow down the brain and make you sleepy but need to be eaten alongside carbohydrates to access the brain so banana and toast is a perfect combo.

      3: is an amazing new company for new mums who want nutritious meals tailored for them post birth.They have a package for new Mums where they can train and have their perfect food delivered for a month or 6 weeks, depending on what they want.  They also have hampers for new Mums and Dads of good, wholesome, nutritious dinners. Just what you need after baby comes home! email emma [email protected] 

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