I love this drink and if you ever visit my home with a hint of a sniffle this will greet you with a warm cuddle. It’s also a great elixir on a cold winters morning!!

Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals and we need as many antioxidants as we can get these days especially if you live in a big city because of every day toxins and pollutants. Tumeric also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects and adding cinnamon which also has anti-inflammatory properties can help to regulate your blood sugar levels too.

We love manuka honey in this house and if my little boy James has a sore throat I always give him a spoonful which he loves! Manuka can help with sore throats and is great for digestive issues also.

So curl up on the sofa and sip on this great comforting winter warmer

Ali xx


Happiness levels, alison canavan, positive life, smile more, exercising, gratitude, meditation, life coach, wellness coach,So we all want to be happier but some days it really feels like we’re playing tug-o-war with ourselves. However, did you know that YOU actually have a huge part to play in how happy you are! According to research happiness is like a muscle that needs to be exercised daily.

“It’s a choice and it’s a practice. “according to author and Harvard trained researcher of positive psychology Shawn Achor


But how many people do you know who are addicted to negative thinking and why is it that negative thinking seems to be a much more comfortable space for a lot of people? Well it’s actually a bad habit that people have become very good at after all they practice it non-stop.

So according to Shawn Achor, we can actually retrain our brains to be happier and the best news of all is that it only takes 5-10 minutes out of your day.

So, if we are what we attend to in this life, here are some simple happiness habits you simply must attend to every day:



Practicing gratitude every single day can have enormous benefits for our health and happiness. Choose 3 different things every day that you are grateful for and really feel the gratitude. I keep a “Thankful Journal” and writing in it each day is very simply just another habit like eating and sleeping for me now. In research studies even people testing as low-level pessimists after practicing gratitude for 21 days became low-level optimists. A 2-minute habit for 21 days can change and increase your happiness levels. (Martin Seligman) Gratitude has even been shown to trump your genes and environment and it also changes your vibrational frequency in the world.



A simple smile can actually change your brain chemistry. Yes it’s that powerful so smile more today and every day for yourself and others. You never know you might just brighten someone’s day.



Build muscle and happiness by moving your body every day. Get out for a walk; take a class or just dance around your living room! Your body was made to move. Jump up and down for a few minutes and see how different you feel. As I always say its possible to shake your booty and dance your mood away!



Good fats feed our mood so make sure you are getting your omega 3’s daily and if you are not eating oily fish 3-5 times a week you should probably consider a supplement. I take ESKIMO OMEGAS daily because I know I don’t get enough in my daily diet and during my recovery from Post Natal Depression Omega 3’s helped greatly.

Omegas are what we call Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) The term ‘Essential’ in nutrition means that your body cannot synthesise/make it itself so you need to get it from your diet or supplement. I also love avocados and I use a lot of coconut oil daily too along with nuts and eggs. Eating fresh wholefoods in a variety of colours is also important and essential for good health and mood so my top tip is – shop and eat the rainbow.



We have some of the loneliest people living in the biggest cities in the world. It’s imperative that we get back to nurturing our deep connections with each other. Real life relationships have a powerful affect on our happiness. Friendship and love are so important but these days some of us are so busy we forget to connect so pick up the phone to that special someone today.



All you need to do is stop, sit and focus on your breath from as little as 2 minutes a day to see a real difference. Meditation has infinite positive benefits for our health and wellbeing. Check out my beginners video right here.

This week I’m chatting to stylist, blogger and broadcaster Holly White whose warm smile simply lights up a room and when we bumped into each other last week she was beaming and I’m not surprised as 2016 as new as it is has already been a huge year for Holly. She got engaged to the love of her life and has also started her exciting new role as fashion contributor to UTV Ireland’s prime time show ‘The Pulse’ Holly radiates health and wellness so lets see how she does it….

Holly White, alison canavan, wellness wednesday, lifestyle quiz, celebrity interviews, health and wellness, positive living, stylist holly white, blogger holly white

How would you describe your lifestyle?

My lifestyle is quite healthy over all. My work is a combination of pressure and creativity but I do really love it so I think that makes it all worthwhile and keeps me motivated through the stressful times.

What’s your favorite food? Naughty or nice.

Raw chocolate is high up on the list. I make my own or else there are some great ranges in health food stores

Do you exercise and if so what do you do to keep fit?

Exercise has become really important to me since starting to train with John Belton and his team at Number 17 Personal training. Having a trainer forces me to turn up even when I don’t want to and I genuinely know it reduces stress and irritation.

How do you find balance in your day-to-day life?

I feel this is a work in progress. Some days become busier and there are deadlines and I can’t always push things back. I find I just need to go with things when it’s busy as not replying promptly to emails makes me more anxious but I always switch off on a Sunday.

How do you manage stress in your life? Do you meditate? Have you ever tried it?

I have the Headspace app and I sporadically use it. I always feel the benefit when I get into the habit of it. 

People often set goals or intentions as they go through life. Is this something you do?

I really believe in visualization and always before filming run through the script in my mind and how I want to feel after filming or at the end of a project. I find my goals are more about how I want to feel, rather than what I specifically want to achieve. 

 How do you unwind after a busy day?

Ideally I would go for a walk and switch off but more likely I lie on the couch and watch Kardashians. Playing with or grooming my two cats Tom and Will is also very soothing!

It’s the weekend, what do you do for fun?

I love baking – anything from Deliciously Ella or Susan Jane white that’s gluten and dairy free. I’ll try to fit in a spin class on a Saturday, catch up with friends and on a Sunday maybe go for brunch, have a glass of wine and possibly shoot a blog post.

What’s your top health tip for our readers?

Exercise is the cheapest form of therapy and become educated about your food and the connection between how you feel and what you eat.

Finish the sentence – Being complete for me means…

feeling content with who and where you are, and the people around you.






STRESS AND DEPRESSION, mental health, CONCEPTION, PREGNANCY, PRENATAL DEPRESSION, ALISON CANAVAN, BE COMPLETE, DEPRESSION DURING PRENANCY, FERTILITY TREATMENT AND DEPRESSION,We often talk about postnatal depression in women but lately I’m hearing about more and more women struggling with both stress and depression when they are trying to conceive and during their pregnancy. Some women are lucky and conceive straight away, but for others trying for a baby can lead to years of stress, fertility treatments and, in some cases, depression.

According to the HSE, depression affects one in four women at some point in their life. It often occurs when women are in their 20s and 30s, when they may also be considering having children. Fertility treatment can cause you to live month to month, trying to balance and navigate a tight schedule of tests and treatments. This can be incredibly difficult even for the most resilient among us.

This journey can not only start to erode your self-confidence, but it can also affect your friendships and lifestyle, too. You can feel sad and scared, and for many life can spiral out of control, which is why it’s important to ‘mind yourself’. At times this is easier said than done, but eating well, exercising, keeping a gratitude journal, practising mindfulness and meditation, doing fun activities with your partner and spending time with friends can all help.

The most important thing to remember is to share your feelings. If you feel you can’t speak to your partner, finding a good therapist might help you to navigate your way through your emotions. Personally, I find it easier to talk to someone I don’t know who lends a non-judgmental ear, and counselling can sometimes help you to see things more clearly.

Researchers are not sure if mental health can affect fertility, although it is very clear that infertility can affect mental health! It is possible, though, that high levels of depression, anxiety and stress can affect the hormones that regulate ovulation.

If you have been trying for a baby for a long time and you finally become pregnant but the dark cloud doesn’t lift, please don’t be too hard on yourself. Pregnancy is an emotional time when hormones are rampaging through your body and they could be causing a bit of trouble on top of everything else.

Prenatal depression can present with symptoms such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Sleep problems
  • Feeling irritable in yourself and with those around you
  • Feeling fearful of the future
  • Appetite loss
  • Being tired all the time
  • Becoming withdrawn

For other women pregnancy might be unplanned, uncomfortable or complicated so there are many reasons you might start to feel down. This isn’t helped by the myth that pregnant women should be happy all the time. Out of the estimated 33 per cent of women who will suffer from depression at this time, this myth can lead to 20 per cent not asking for help because they feel scared or ashamed, says Healy Smith, a reproductive psychiatrist.

Prenatal depression can be a precursor to postpartum depression if it isn’t properly treated so follow my rule, which is…


  • Talk to someone you can trust or call a helpline
  • Ask for help or find help for someone you love
  • Do whatever it takes to get yourself well.

There are lots of non-medical approaches you can take including acupuncture, taking a good quality omega-3 supplement such as Eskimo as a mood booster, and psychotherapy, such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Self-care is important, too: it’s actually selfless and not selfish. A bath, some adult colouring (my current favourite), a massage or even a short walk can all help.

The question of medication, however, is always a conversation you need to have with your doctor. Clinical depression needs medicating, but a lot of the time therapy, positive lifestyle changes and stress reduction techniques will help enormously. And if you are on medication already, it’s important to ask about its safety of during your pregnancy. Throughout our lives it’s important that we figure out our own wellness formula, do our research and try new things because we are all so different. If you are looking for good quality information relating to women’s mental health and wellness, visit Kelly Brogan MD My friends in New York recommended this reproductive psychiatric specialist’s website when I was really struggling for the way she combined both medical and holistic approaches.


In todays video we take a look at switching to a more natural make up brand and the benefits this has for your skin. We will also be talking about my lifelong pet peeve which is wearing too much make-up!!

“Less really is More”

As a young model in London, Paris and New York we were taught to embrace our natural beauty and highlight our features. The clients would have just sent you away if you turned up orange and full of make-up. It really is time to embrace our natural beauty and teach our young girls about self esteem and confidence and encourage them to see and embrace their natural beauty. There is incredible personal power in feeling comfortable in your own skin.

We are also chatting about heavy conturing which works great in a studio with strong lights but in our every day life this look is difficult for most people to achieve and it is very simply not normal to put so many layers of make up on our face.

For more information on all products from the Couleur Caramel range check out their website.

What do you think? Is less really more? Do you like heavy contouring? Let me know in the comments box below


Ali xxx

microorganisms, catherine edwards, naturally animals, gut flora, bloating, weight, gut flora, animal health, holistic animal care, be complete, alison canavan, health and wellness, pets, horses, animal care,  I love my job! Working in holistic animal (and human) care means that I really need to ensure that I am looking at the complete lifecycle, environment, energy and physiology – the more we understand about our internal and external environment the better care of ourselves and those in our care we can take!

This week I had the pleasure of traveling to Austria to meet a supplier who is a world expert in Effective Microorganisms! Now this may not sound exciting to you, but you would not believe the impact these little critters have on your internal health, but also the health of our environment.

Did you know that an apple today has 80% Vitamin C compared to the past? This is due to many factors, largely soil quality and the intensive use of chemicals in our food chain and environment, but the result is that it is really difficult to get adequate nutrients from today’s commercially grown foods, and this has a massive effect on our animals health. So how does this relate to your health and that of your animals and what has all of this got to do with microorganisms?

Taking a holistic view on health really means looking at disease prevention not at treating disease once it is already established. Knowing what your animals need to maintain health is the best approach all around. My number one starting point with all of our health is a healthy gut flora!

One of the keys to good health in your animal is a robust immune system. Up to 80% of a mammal’s immune system function is located in the digestive tract whose job it is to allow absorption of nutrients, and act as a barrier to harmful bacteria and toxins.

The immune system is easily compromised when the digestive system is under strain. Typically parasites, chemicals from medication / wormers, inappropriate or processed diets, pain or stress can upset this delicate microbial balance within the digestive tract. This can result in diarrhoea, constipation, general loss of vitality and in some cases ulceration, which in turn puts pressure on the immune system to restore the animal to its optimum condition. Stressful situations such as travelling, competing, vet visits, dentist etc. can place extra stress on the immune and therefore the digestive function.

While gut flora and mucosa act as barriers against gut pathogens, they also play a vital role in removing toxins, enhancing digestion, and out-competing disease-causing microorganisms. A healthy population of gut bacteria therefore is vital to a fit gastrointestinal tract and consequently a thriving animal.

By supplementing your animal’s food with a regular amount of Effective Microorganisms (often called Probiotics, we use Manna products), the number of good bacteria in the gut is significantly enhanced, making it much harder for pathogenic bacteria to colonise the small intestine. This support, using a totally natural product right at the core of the immune function, is central to the idea of using the best of nature to ward off the things that may be detrimental to the health and well-being of your animal. Doing so without upset to the life balance that brings the vitality and wellbeing to your animal is something that we all prize.

So getting the gut flora right in your animal should result in:

  • Glossy, even coat & healthy skin
  • Solid, healthy stools & reduced odour
  • An even temperament
  • Less stomach bloating
  • Good weight distribution
  • Good oral health
  • Less sensitivity to allergens
  • Less sensitivity to metabolic imbalances
  • Less sensitivity to parasitic burdens

In addition there is evidence that a healthy intestinal gut flora can reduce the occurrence of ulcers within the digestive tract

So, look after your pet’s microorganisms, keep that gut healthy and you will notice a difference straight away! Try it today and let us know how quickly your notice results!

In part one we looked at starting your day with some breathing, gratitude and simple stretches and today we are looking at early morning hygiene.

Tongue scraping is an ancient ayurvedic, or yogic practice but it still has great benefits today! Since I started including it in my morning hygiene routine I have noticed a big difference. Our deepest daily cleansing cycle happens at night while we sleep. During this time the body deposits some of the toxins drawn out onto the tongue. Cue that cotton-like feeling we often get after a heavy sleep!! Tongue scraping first thing in the morning, before brushing your teeth or drinking anything, prevents these toxins getting reabsorbed into the body. Buy them here from Life Cleanse for €5

starting your day, positivity, intention, stretching, wellness, exercise, mindfulness, breathing, gratitude, tongue cleaner, morning routine

Then every other day I do coconut oil pulling to help keep my gums healthy. Swish it around your mouth for 10-15 minutes to help draw out toxins. I usually do this when I’m in the shower. Make sure to put it into tissue paper to dispose of it as otherwise it can block the drain.

starting your day, positivity, intention, stretching, wellness, exercise, mindfulness, breathing, gratitude, tongue cleaner, morning routine



Then I have some lemon water where I squeeze half a lemon into warm water or room temperature water. I add Apple Cider Vinegar too some days because of the great health benefits. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has been known to help with so many health issues from skin irritations to acid reflux, your health health and even diabetes.

Overall these habits can help with your energy and digestion and can help to give you a boost before your day gets started.

Your morning hygiene routine really can help you to start your day the right way every day!!

So how do you start your day? I would love to hear from you. Please comment below

Shine bright

Ali xx

CELLULITE BUSTER, grapefruit essential oil, CAROLINE JACKMAN, HONEST ABOUT HEALTH, ALISON CANAVAN, BE COMPLETE, ESSENTIAL HEALTH, HEALTH AND WELLBEING, ESSENTIAL OILS, LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL, USES FOR ESSENTIAL OILS, ANTIBACTERIAL,One of the things I love about essential oils is how versatile they are. Did you know that one type of oil can help with a variety of different health complaints? It means that with just a handful of essential oils you can support your family’s health in so many different ways. Today’s spotlight is Grapefruit essential oil and here are my top 10 uses for this refreshing citrus oil.
1. Weight Loss
Grapefruit essential oil helps to activate enzymes and assists in the breakdown of fat. Its fresh smell and great taste make it an easy oil to take internally either in water or in a veggie capsule to support weight loss.
2. Detox
It helps to cleanse and improve kidney function so taking internally is useful for an overall body detox.
3. Sugar Cravings
Struggle to stay away from sweet treats? Grapefruit is known to help with sugar cravings so inhaling it from the bottle or adding it to the water you drink throughout the day can help combat cravings.
4. Acne & Oily Skin
Help to manage break outs and fight the bacteria that cause acne by applying grapefruit topically to areas of concern.
5. Adrenal Fatigue
Support the adrenal glands by applying grapefruit topically mixed with basil. Taking grapefruit internally can help support recovery.
6. Antibacterial Cleaner
Ditch the chemicals and use a natural alternative by cleaning surfaces with grapefruit & water. Grapefruits antiseptic properties will help fight bacteria, mould and contaminants.
7. Candida rescue
Helps to target and reduce excess yeast in the body and the bacteria that can cause an overgrowth of candida.
8. Hangovers
Support the liver & help the body to remove toxins and recover quickly by taking grapefruit internally.
9. Progesterone Balance
Support fertility and hormonal balance in the body by applying grapefruit topically and taking it internally.
10. Hair Care
Protect your hair from sun damage and remedy greasy roots by adding grapefruit to your daily shampoo routine.


When selecting essential oils it’s important to choose 100% pure essential oils for the safest and most effective health benefits. Only certified pure therapeutic grade oils should be taken internally or used neat on the skin. Always dilute essential oils with carrier oil if applying topically to children.
Essential oils can be used aromatically to affect mood and open airways; topically for quick absorption into the body through the skin, and internally for immune & digestive support.
Essential oils are a great way to improve your health easily and quickly. Drop me a line if you’d like to learn more about using essential oils or where to purchase 100% pure oils.…

-Caroline Jackman, Honest about Health

This week I’m delighted to be chatting to Keith Cullen who is a Dublin born Singer/Songwriter. When you meet Keith you instantly light up because his positive energy is contagious.

Keith has immersed himself in music his entire life and is career has taken him to Dubai, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, New Zealand, Cairo, London, LA, New York, Boston, Paris and Berlin.

Currently splitting his time between LA and Dublin, Keith has recently signed a Management Deal with the legendary Phil Quartararo – Former CEO at Virgin records, Warner bros and EMI and he has also been hand picked by Grammy award winning producer Robert Cutarella who has had hits with Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson, Air Supply, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Dolly Parton, The Police, Elton John, Celine Dion, to name but a few. But lets find out a little bit more about how Keith balances his busy lifestyle..

Keith Cullen, singer, songwriter, wellness wednesday, be complete, alison canavan, health and wellness, true inspiration, motivaton, lifestyle quiz, meditation, hiking, mindfulness How would you describe your lifestyle? 

My lifestyle is predominately a positive and focused one! I would describe my lifestyle as one of constant change. It is one that requires me to be flexible in my thinking and ready for the unexpected.

What’s your favorite food? Naughty or nice. 

I am just back from LA where I’m learning that foods primary goal is to nourish and fuel our system. That being the focus of my New Years resolutions I’m going to say Wheatgrass simply for its health and healing benefits.

Do you exercise and if so what do you do to keep fit?

I am very lucky to work with two amazing people who wrap up all my fitness needs up. Igor Sidarchuk who is a bodybuilding champ looks after my weight training and Dominic Munnelly from crossfit green who takes care of my cardio and conditioning.

I love a good hike when I’m away or a long walk to focus my mind.

How do you find balance in your day-to-day life? 

I have a very clear vision of my goals for this year so I’ve build in a fool proof routine that encompasses all aspects of my life! I find if I’m on a good routine my days are super productive from start to finish which leaves me satisfied feeling balanced and happy.

How do you manage stress in your life? Do you meditate? Have you ever tried it? 

I’m a big believer in meditation and living your life in the most beautiful way possible given your personal circumstances. Daily rituals of: relaxation, meditation and gratitude combined with a mind that supports your goals tends to prevent stress for me.

I don’t believe in managing stress I believe in erasing it.

People often set goals or intentions as they go through life. Is this something you do?

Always! I am an extremely visual person and believe 100% in the power of visualisation. It never fails me. I always carry a notebook for writing down my end outcomes and how I would like situations to look! I always write in pencil as it can be rubbed out and changed when your own goals and intentions change.

How do you unwind after a busy day? 

I find the more of the “good stuff” and the things that motivate me and excite my mind I do daily the less I have to “unwind”.

I find these days I get energised by the team around me and the invaluable support structure of friends and family.

I also recently bought Dr Mercolas Melatonin sleep support which is a life saver and ensures a restful sleep after a long day or long journey.

It’s the weekend, what do you do for fun? 

My vice is a Jameson! Saying that my philosophy is that I live each day regardless of the name given to the day. Life is far too short to simply live only for the weekend.

What’s your top health tip for our readers? 

Take the step that is In front of you and do something everyday that will lead to a good habit being formed. I believe your “self-talk” is key to you achieving anything in the world it is that you want to achieve.

Finish the sentence – Being complete for me means… 

Being fulfilled. The more fulfilled you are the more you have to give. I believe success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.




I have adult acne, which gets me down sometimes and during the height of my modeling career in New York I took wickedly strong medications, which worked temporarily but now I question at what cost? I have spent the past few years studying health and wellness and cleaning up my own lifestyle and health habits and even though I’m really healthy now, shock horror I still struggle sometimes!!

This is important to understand because sometimes there are no miracle cures in life for day to day life and even though I know my current breakouts are caused by hormonal imbalances I am personally not helping the situation as I am quite stressed and staying up working late but, these are areas I have promised myself I will tackle and get on top off to help rebalance myself again.

In 2015 I developed and launched my new website, I was back in college studying and I wrote my first book not forgetting my most important job as a mum. My skin is now still wearing 2015 but not for long I hope!!

I had a meeting with Virginie from Phyt’s Ireland about my skin and yesterday I had one of the best facials I have ever had called The Luminescence Facial.

It’s anti-ageing and firming facial, tailored to each clients skin and it takes 90 minutes and let me tell you I enjoyed every single second of the 90 minutes!!


  • First Virginie cleansed with Lait Nettoyant to remove makeup, colourants, products and pollutants.
  • Then she toned with Eucalyptus to rebalance the skins pH, remove any excess cleanser and brighten the skin.
  • Some exfoliation was next with Gommage Contact+ to remove all dead cells and prepare the skin for a better absorption of ingredients.
  • Then she applied some Serum C17 all over the face, neck, lips and eyelids to stimulate, nourish, and rebalance the skin and then the Naturoderm, a natural antiseptic after extraction.

Phyts facial, Virginie, v claire, harolds cross, acne treatment, natural facial, skincare, beauty, be complete, alison canavan, phyts organic skincare

  • Over the serum, she applied the Mask D’O (above) all over my face including eyelids and lips ( which is safe as its natural). This mask is made of peppermint and chamomile to soothe and refresh the skin A MUST for any dull, sensitive skin! This was my favorite part. The mask was calming and refreshing and felt wonderful.
  • Virginie then dampened 2 gauze pieces and applied a little toner to them. She placed the gauze in position for PHYT’S Pressure Point Technique which was so relaxing.
  • She removed the mask with sponges and tepid water, and toned with the Eucalyptus toner to keep brightening the skin!
  • Then she performed a personalized massage with the remaining Serum C17 and mixed a little Phyt’ssima with the serum for more slip and for essential fatty acids to plump and soften the skin.

Phyts facial, Virginie, v claire, harolds cross, acne treatment, natural facial, skincare, beauty, be complete, alison canavan, phyts organic skincare

  • Then it was time to prepare for my Aqua Peel-Off Mask (above), which was left to set for 10min (which is an amazingly long time for any busy mum to chill and relax for) and peel it off. The mask is made of rosemary and Aloe Vera, which helps to stimulate the skins microcirculation which results in bringing the most radiant skin’s complexion to life.
  • Finally Virginie moisturised with suitable PHYT’S Creme Reviderm to oxygenate and revitalise the skin due to its chlorophyll and plankton ingredients

Phyts facial, Virginie, v claire, harolds cross, acne treatment, natural facial, skincare, beauty, be complete, alison canavan, before and after, phyts organic skincare

These are the before and after with NO filters used. The grey and dullness was definitely lifted from my skin and we also did a lot of extraction which my skin badly needed and not only did my skin feel great but I did too.

It’s really important to take this time for ourselves. My skin has been getting me down lately but I felt much better yesterday after giving myself some love and attention.


“Alison’s skin is a prototype adult skin going through breakout due to hormonal imbalance, due to stress. I wouldn’t consider Alison’s skin oily, actually when I looked at her skin she didn’t have any blackheads on her nose, forehead and very little on the chin. An oily skin produces excess oil, which means blocked pores and blackheads over the T-zone. Most of adult problem skins should not be treated as an oily skin and DEFINITELY should not use products for oily skin.”

For more information or to book an appointment contact Virginie at vclaire.ie or call  (01) 497 8833 Facial cost €80