Mindfulness really is a hot topic of conversation at the moment which is why I have teamed up with Sports Philosophy for #mindfulmarch.

A lot of people might think that mindfulness is just another buzzword that will pass, however, mindfulness is actually a very important movement for our current age of distraction and disconnection.

Where we are in society is very noisy and busy. People are sick and stressed and there is a real need for people to have some quiet time in order to live a more balanced and integrative lifestyle.

Giving yourself that essential space even for just a few minutes each day allows you see the world through a different lens. The benefits range from lower stress, increased empathy, emotional maturity, better digestion, better relationships with yourself and others, increased confidence, concentration, productivity and the list goes on!



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Sports Philosophy is an ethical luxury active wear brand offering beautiful performance clothing for the stylishly fit men and women. Every piece is made with carefully sourced Italian fabrics and designed to enhance your workout, all whilst making you look good.


The label is also deeply passionate about doing good too and the creator of the brand, Stella, sees the world through a similar lens to me. They help to fight child labour, through their own charity, the Freedom for Children Foundation, which you can read more about here



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Each week in March we will be bringing you a simple but effective tip on how to include mindfulness into your every day life. The theme is reconnection so we will be looking at reconnecting with our food, our breath, and the world around you and of courses ourselves.


You will have seen week one above so here’s week 2 where I encourage you to reconnect with what we put into our body and why mindful eating is so important.



In week 3 we will look at reconnecting to nature and in week 4 we will look at reconnecting with you through the act of appreciation and gratitude. Keep an eye on my social media for updates

Till then

Shine Bright

Ali xxx



This year Honda are celebrating 30 years in Ireland and to celebrate they have launched an amazing initiative to help raise the profile of local clubs around Ireland stopping off in different counties with the overall winner in each county winning €5,000.

The campaign has kicked off Galway and we headed down to Motorpark for the official launch. The campaign is called Powering Local Dreams and it’s a competition designed to support the local community by telling their stories and granting a €5,000 cash prize to the winning club, group or organization.


Every community group, club and organization in Galway who celebrates, includes, values, nurtures, shares and enhances their community is welcome to get involved. Simply complete the online application form from Honda, detailing the role and contribution of your group, and how you would use the prize money.

John Saunders, Sales and Marketing Director, Universal Honda Ireland said that

“Honda is operating in Ireland for over 30 years and through our network of locally owned and run dealerships we are right in the heart of the community. We see Powering Local Dreams as an opportunity for us to give back, so I would like to invite every group and organization from all over Galway to take part and formerly wish them all good luck.”

So submit your entry online, or by post, before Friday 29th of July 2016.

Honda’s 3 judges will then shortlist 3 finalists who each will each be profiled online with the opportunity to tell their unique story. Over two weeks from 19th of August to 2nd of September, the public will ultimately decide who the overall winner is by voting for their favorite finalist online. The group with the most public votes wins €5,000.

Best of luck and remember to use #HondaDreams on your social media


Now we are well into January are your New Year Resolutions beginning to feel a bit like this discarded Christmas tree left in the garbage? Are you struggling with the strict regime you have set up and at the same time feeling guilty and dissatisfied with yourself?

SELF COMPASSION, MAUREEN COOPER, alison canavan be complete, life coach, minfulness coach, health coach, health and wellness, self help, new years resolutions, failed resolutions, self care

The trouble is when our resolutions start to slip we tend to start beating up on ourselves, and feeling bad.

SELF COMPASSION, MAUREEN COOPER, alison canavan be complete, life coach, minfulness coach, health coach, health and wellness, self help, new years resolutions, failed resolutions, self care

How we set about making New Year Resolutions

There is nothing wrong with wanting to get the best out of ourselves, nor with using the beginning of a new year as a time for reflection on how we are living our lives. The thing is we tend to go about it in such a self-critical way.

We look at everything we think is not working so well and then make a long to-do list of all the ways we want to change. Somehow we are surprised when it is overwhelming and we cannot keep it up. We feel as if we have failed in some way and are disappointed in ourselves.

SELF COMPASSION, MAUREEN COOPER, alison canavan be complete, life coach, minfulness coach, health coach, health and wellness, self help, new years resolutions, failed resolutions, self care

The thing is that we are much more likely to get the best from ourselves if we approach any changes we want to make with an attitude of self-appreciation and kindness. We can try and be a friend to ourselves, rather than behaving like our worst nightmare of an angry schoolteacher.

Some suggestions on using self-compassion in making our resolutions

  1. Look to your strengths

Think about the parts of your life that are on track and the things you do well and then think about a way you could take that a step further.

For example: you might be good at your job but have an irritating relationship with a work colleague—your resolution could be to make them a cup of coffee whenever you can. You’ll be surprised how quickly they warm up to you and you will enjoy the good feeling of doing something for them.

  1. Choose the changes you want to make carefully

When looking for where you want to change, choose something manageable. You can see from the picture above that ‘improving self’ is a big project, as is ‘save money’. Both are too big and too general.

Even ‘more family time’ is asking a lot. Instead try to be specific—decide to call your mother twice a week; or decide to turn off all your individual screens (phone, tablet etc.) by 9pm in the evening in order to have quality time with your partner.

  1. Think of all the people

who are trying to make positive changes in their lives and struggling with them just like you are. None of us is alone in trying to find the way to get the best out of ourselves and live a meaningful life.

  1. Allow yourself to get it wrong

When you break a resolution, or find yourself slipping back into old habits instead of beating yourself up, try forgiving yourself. Focus on the effort you’ve been making and don’t give up on what you are trying to do just because you had a bit of a blip. Imagine a friend sharing with you how they are struggling with their resolution—how would you talk to them? Would you call them a looser? I doubt it. Try talking to yourself as you would a good friend. After all—if we cannot be a friend to ourselves, how can we be a good friend at all?

SELF COMPASSION, MAUREEN COOPER, alison canavan be complete, life coach, minfulness coach, health coach, health and wellness, self help, new years resolutions, failed resolutions, self care

Maureen Cooper is the author of The Compassionate Mind Approach to Reducing Stress. She combines more than thirty years of experience as a professional educator and senior manager in a non-profit organization with a hands-on education in Buddhism. In 2004 Maureen founded Awareness in Action, a consultancy dedicated to the secular application of mindfulness, meditation and compassion in the workplace.


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Happy New Year everyone,

I hope you had a great night ringing in the New Year. I love January because for me it represents new beginnings, new opportunities and a new chapter in the book of life.

New years resolutions are great as long as they are realistic and don’t entail you completely overhauling your daily routine into an unrealistic difficult and boring list of things you think you should be doing.

It’s January so it’s still winter, short days and it’s cold so we need to nourish ourselves with great wholesome food and mind ourselves as we enter the New Year.

Make your goals and resolutions for 2016 fun and realistic. A healthy lifestyle is not just for January but the whole year through so find what works for you and remember – small changes make a big difference.

Whatever 2016 has in store for you I wish you a very healthy, happy and prosperous year. Subscribe to my You Tube channel for lots more videos this month. I have great smoothie and juice recipes and great make up and beauty tips too.

Thanks for watching!!
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Shine Bright,

Ali xxxx


Thanks to fix.com for Contributing this article. It helps simplify just what exactly essential oils can be used for and how beneficial they can be. Do you use essential oils and would you like to know more?

If so contact caroline@honestabouthealth.com who is our weekly resident #EssentialHealth writer.

Whats your favourite essential oil? Comment below…



If you were one of the 15,000 runners who took part in this week’s Dublin marathon, it’s likely your body is in need of some extra care this week. Along with an appropriate amount of rest, using natural plant remedies can prove really helpful to advance the body’s recovery time. Essential oils can prove effective when preparing for an event and when dealing with post event injuries.

Boosting Immunity

The health benefits of regular exercise are well known and given how sedentary our lifestyles have become, physical activity can be both energising and can also provide an important mood boost to help you feel happier and more relaxed. However, given how busy many of our lives are, it is important that the immune system is well supported especially when adding and exercise regime to an already busy schedule. Training for a marathon or sports event can be gruelling and stressful on the body so supporting the immune system is a smart way to reduce the likelihood of colds & flus taking hold the week of a big race or event.

An effective blend of oils to support the immune system are orange, clove, cinnamon, rosemary and eucalyptus. Oregano’s antifungal properties make it a good choice for boosting immunity either taken internally or applied topically.

Energy & Focus

Inhaling Peppermint essential oil can help reduce fatigue, taking it internally with water assists oxygen intake and applying it topically has a cooling effect which in turn avoids overheating. Adding lemon or wild orange essential oil to water is a good way to stay hydrated and inhaling the citrus oil aroma will help to calm pre event nerves.


Lemongrass essential oil is often used for ligament pain and to support connective tissue repair. Massaging Majoram, White fir or Lemongrass on over worked muscles will help with recovery time. Cypress essential oil reduces pain; it promotes blood flow and is helpful when applied topically for restless legs. 

Muscle Relief Bath

  • 4 drops white fir
  • 1 drop clove
  • 4 drops frankincense

Fill half a glass jar/cup with Epsom salts & add oils. Mix well & add to hot bath


When selecting essential oils it’s important to choose 100% pure essential oils for the safest and most effective health benefits. Only certified pure therapeutic grade oils should be taken internally or used neat on the skin. Always dilute essential oils with carrier oil if applying topically to children.

Essential oils can be used aromatically to affect mood and open airways; topically for quick absorption into the body through the skin, and internally for immune & digestive support.

Essential oils are a great way to improve your health easily and quickly. Drop me a line if you’d like to learn more about using essential oils or where to purchase 100% pure oils.…



new image

Howaya, could you imagine that 80% of the people who walk this life won’t have any bad intentions towards you. But 20% won’t like you no matter what you do. Only 20% so don’t waste any time on the 20% of back stabbers, dream smashers, negative vibes. Who cares? Think of the 80%. I do.

I was at event once, when I was approached by a producer, who took a pop shot at my positive outlook on life. Made it their business to tell me this: “why so positive, I hate it”. Now if the truth be told the old me would have punched them. I don’t condone violence or idiots. So take from this, this person had to tell me they hated my positive outlook on life via my media interviews or social media. I laughed at them, told them I couldn’t care what they thought. Part of the 20%, so don’t get dragged down to their level. Smile, laugh and forget about it. Remember no time for idiots.

One of my heroes in life passed away this year. I have no doubt he is entertaining in the clouds above. Now his philosophy in life was simple.

“Davey Crockett, the day you find what you love to do in life and you can make that your job. That’s the day you’ll never forget”.

Now it sounds easy, but we all know it’s not. To wake up every morning and think I can’t wait for work. What an incredible feeling and I hope some of you readers can experience that. He also told me:

“Don’t chase the money, chase the love because then the money will inevitably become a reality out of a love & passion”

I’m always changing my hats but this week I wrote down a few simple questions on paper:

  • What makes me happy?
  • What job would I love to start work every day?
  • What script do I want to see produced or published?
  • In 5 years’ time what goal would you like to see achieved?

Now none of this ain’t going to happen unless I start to make changes. Absolutely nothing. So only you can make a difference. We all have the potential for greatness. Every single person on this planet. So ask yourself those questions. Start today, no more excuses, no more bull.

I was facilitating a drama workshop recently when I was asked what I believe is one of the most important tools of an actor’s craft. I jokingly quipped, public relations in social welfare offices. But my real answer was IMAGINATION never let that die. I believe in constantly evolving the power of our imagination. So you can visualise clearly no matter how insane or off the wall your business plan sounds.

I have a film shooting next year. I was told at every stage my work wasn’t good enough for stage, tv or film. But did I listen? No I didn’t – now I’m part of a small % whose work will be adapted to the big screen. Did every door slam in my face? Did I feel the knife being stabbed in the front & the back? Did I meet the devil or some twisted evil souls. Yes but I always imagined with my shampoo bottle winning best screenplay at the Oscars. It’s happening because I never stopped dreaming or visualising. So don’t you ever stop? Happy Tuesday and never stop dreaming.



Event slider working moms event

Are you heading back to work after maternity leave or just struggling to find a balance between work and home? Are you starting a new career or even just thinking about returning to work? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Eumom’s Next Steps event is for you!!

This event is the first of its kind in Ireland and I’m delighted to be presenting it alongside some truly inspirational women like journalist and author Emily Hourican ; owner of organic baby food company, Organic Little One, Niamh O’Dwyer; lawyer & CEO of Swim Ireland, Sarah Keane; and politician and working mom Lucinda Creighton.

There will be a series of hands-on workshops from LinkedIn, Mumager and Interviewtutor.ie to provide guidance and support if you:

  • are returning to work from maternity leave or perhaps a longer career break.
  • are looking to change career or upskill.
  • would like to start your own business.


Tickets can be booked on Eventbrite at: http://www.eventbrite.ie/e/next-steps-an-event-for-working-moms-tickets-18474295114


Attendees choose 2 workshops , one from each section below.


Workshop A Choice (10.45- 11.30am)

Choose one of the following:




If you’re questioning whether your CV would pass the recruiter test, then don’t miss our comprehensive CV masterclass with top interview tips that will have you prepared and confident in making that crucial next step on the career ladder. Hosted by mom and founder of interviewtutor.ie, Orla Donagher, Orla facilitates workshops for Job seekers and also for Employers. She has contributed to articles in Stellar Magazine and has appeared as a career coach in the RTE 2 series “The Unemployables”



Want to start your own business but unsure of the first steps to take? This talk will explore everything from exploring an initial idea, taking action and following it through to completion. Hosted by mom, Pauline Sargent, Pauline been running Social Zavvy a digital communications business for the last five years. She also founded DigiWomen in 2012 for female makers and users of technology. DigiWomen was chosen for the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program this year. Her mission in life is to make it easier for more women to set up their own business.



We all have to have them – whether it’s a conversation with your boss about flexible working, or asking your partner to help you more at home.  Discover how to deliver your message so that the other person listens – and feels compelled to change their behaviour or take action. The working mom experts, Mumager, show you how in this pro-active workshop.


Workshop B Choice (11.55- 12.40pm)

Choose one of the following:


Mom of two, Abi Williams of LinkedIn presents ‘Super charge your career using LinkedIn.’ This workshop will showcase the power of leveraging LinkedIn tools to suit your needs and advance your career to the next level. Whether you want to keep on top of topical work-related news and in touch with work colleagues while on leave, or optimise your professional brand image, Abi will show you how. Abi is a sales professional and business leader who is passionate about developing people and helping others achieve their full potential. She’s been at LinkedIn for over 2 years and fully believes in the LinkedIn vision of “Creating economic opportunity for everyone in the world.”



Wracked with guilt over being a working mum?  Or feeling guilty because you don’t feel guilty?  Find out how to get a grip on your guilt and feel more proactive.  In this module you’ll explore practical things that you can do to take charge and reduce how guilty you’re feeling. Our talented Mumager experts will be your guide in this super-helpful workshop



Do you know what your entitlements are as a working parent? Would you like to have a more flexible work schedule or more understanding colleagues? In this module we’ll explain how to get what you want from your employer and colleagues.

– See more at: Inspirational Working Mums

Full details on:

Eumom Next Steps Working Event

Read Sharon Tighe’s (eumom) article here:

Positive Next Steps Working Parents Ireland

I hope to see you there

Ali xxx